Summit Trailer was started to bring to the local trailer industry a different kind of company.    

Quality and Consistency.  We produce the highest quality trailer at the most competitive price.  And each and every trailer is exactly the same with no variation in length, width, squareness, or parts used in the trailer.  We have accomplished this through the use of fixtures, jigs, tooling, standardized processes, and training.  You can put any model side by side, no matter what day of the week or month, and you won’t see any difference.  And our fit and finish is second to none.  The best way to look at the quality of our trailers is to put it next to any competitor.  They sell themselves!

 We want to be a great company for our dealers to work with.  We create a proactive and honest relationship with our customers.  We don’t want to focus on the short-term transactional relationship, but on the long term where we are an extension of our Dealers.  We listen to our customers and seek their opinion in our direction.  And we stand behind our products like no other.

 And finally, we want a work environment where our people are part of the Summit team and involved in the day to day operation of the company.  Everyone says how important their people are, but we mean it.  Our people are proud of the products and the contributions they make every day.

 We are a very different company and we hope this shows in our products, service, and people.  When you purchase one of our trailers you won’t be disappointed!